A lasting power of attorney (LPA) grants authority for another person to make decisions about your own affairs, in the event that you lose the mental capacity to do so.


There are 2 types of LPA:

1. Financial and Property; and

2. Health and Welfare.

With both Financial and Health LPAs, an attorney is appointed to manage certain of your affairs. 


A financial LPA allows your attorney to deal with your finances, by paying your bills, disposing of your assets or administering your bank accounts.


An health LPA allows your attorney to make arrangements for your care, your nutrition and any medical needs.

Why IKR Law? 

Creating an LPA requires both discretion and attention to detail. If an LPA is incorrectly drafted, a new LPA may need to be prepared at extra cost.


It is important, therefore, to get your LPA right the first time. Whether or not you have been referred to us by another professional, such as your financial adviser, here at IKR Law we pride ourselves on our customer satisfaction and engagement. Contact us today and involve a specialist with your LPA. 

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