Making a valid Will or Mirror Will is an important life decision and, here at IKR Law, we provide the service and care to ensure that your financial affairs are in order should you die. The importance of a valid Will is emphasised by the fact that, should you die without one in place, it will be left to the Government to decide how best to distribute your estate. Therefore, a properly-drafted valid Will provides certainty in the event of your death.  


People incorrectly assume that Wills are for the elderly, but middle-aged and younger adults should consider preparing Wills too. Another important consideration you should have, are the inheritance tax implications involved in preparing a Will. This makes it all the more important that you entrust a specialist to prepare your Will. IKR Law’s experts are on hand to help and guide you at every step of your journey.

We want to ensure that you receive the service you require and, as a firm of specialists, we are committed to high standards of customer care and service, to ensure that you feel confident and comfortable at every step of your journey with us. 

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